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The Project


Because of the absence of GMO and the very low usage of pesticides in agriculture, Rwanda has the perfect environment for the bees to produce a 100% natural honey. Even though Rwanda is the perfect place to produce natural and high quality honey, the local people can barely afford to eat honey, since almost all the honey sold there is imported from outside.

By organizing the local resources, we aim to create an ecosystem in which local population can work and improve their living conditions, and can afford eating honey. Honey is a very good nutriment supply for these rural population and can contribute to face malnutrition among the countryside population.

Regarding the figures, the project aims to produce 2 tons of honey yearly, toprovide fair paid work to around 15 local people and to generate around $4.000 of yearly net profit, part of which will benefit to local people (more details on the below section “action to local people”).

The project has an economic purpose and wants to be sustainable, but it also has a supportive purpose because it is expected to allocate part of the profits to support the local population .

More about this project here.


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